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Our Services

Retail Spaces

Leasing and sale of retail premises in large commercial investment developments mainly shopping centers, retail parks, major business zones and in city centers. To the owners of existing real estate, investors and developers, we provide services allowing us to enter a project in its various phases in order to eliminate risks, maximize success and optimize client satisfaction.

Tenant representation

We represent tenants in leasing negotiations for retail and office space and when re-negotiating contractual terms. Clients appreciate our many years of experience in the leasing of shopping and office centers. We are able to secure above standard market terms, eliminate threats and resolve situations in which clients are either unaware of, or have not previously encountered, issues which may seem in many instances unsolvable. Services are provided to a variety of clients ranging from small companies to corporate entities, whereby we are able to enter into negotiations at various stages in order to assess the actual position, eliminate risks and duly maximize success.

Office Space

The leasing and sale of those office premises located in side central zones, as well as in secondary zones of large investments?mainly in office centers. We provide services to the owners of existing real estate, investors and developers. In these we are able to enter the project in its various stages in order to eliminate the risks and maximize both its success and accordingly our client`s satisfaction.

Industry / Logistics

The leasing, purchase and sale of industrial, logistical and warehouse space within existing projects as well as in newly established industrial and logistic zones. We conduct search and analysis of available locations, depending on our client`s specifications. We are able to present alternatives in the event of a private investment as well as, if external sources are required.

Financing / Investment / Legal Services

External liaison with top experts in the fields of financial, investment and legal advisory to complement our services and provide "superior to normal market conditions", which will be appreciated not only in the short term but particularly in the long term approach, which is essential in the real estate segment.


Provision of a special advisory service in the creation of new developments, calculations regarding investment in order to set up the project optimally, while at the same time taking into consideration the local residential market (development consultancy). The purchase, sale and leasing of apartments, houses, plots and representation of clients in special instances.